Substance look and feel - internationalization

Starting from version 2.2, Substance provides internationalized versions of labels on custom UI components it adds (system menu entries, heap status panel, menu search panel, close buttons on modified frames etc.) Translations for the following languages are available:

   English (default)    Kirill Grouchnikov
   Arabic    QamarAlZaman Habeek
   Bulgarian    Zar Petkov
   Chinese (simplified)    Pprun
   Chinese (Hong Kong)    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Chinese (Taiwan)    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Czech    Milan Misak
   Danish    Carsten O. Madsen
   Dutch    Ilana Paktor and Joachim van den Berg
   English (Great Britain)    Robert Gibson
   Hebrew    Kirill Grouchnikov
   German    Andreas Golchert
   Finnish    Magnus de Pourbaix
   French    Alois Cochard
   French (Canada)    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Greek    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Hungarian    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Italian    Sandro Martini
   Japanese    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Norwegian    Nils-Morten Nilssen
   Polish    Maciej Zwirski
   Portuguese    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Portuguese (Brazil)    Claudio de Oliveira Miranda
   Romanian    Sergiu Nicolae Nacu and Ran Locar
   Russian    Kirill Grouchnikov
   Spanish    David Alvarez Leon
   Spanish (Argentina)    Ivan Ridao Freitas
   Spanish (Mexico)    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Swedish    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Thai    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Turkish    Magnus de Pourbaix
   Vietnamese    Thang Nguyen Cao

Additional languages

You are more than welcome to send the translations of the labels below to kirillcool [at] Please note: The label names and the matching default English label captions:




SystemMenu.skins=Substance skins

SystemMenu.showHeapStatus=Show heap status

TabbedPane.overviewButtonTooltip=Show tab overview

TabbedPane.overviewDialogTitle=Tab overview

TabbedPane.overviewDialogTitleRefresh=Tab overview [refresh every {0} sec]

TabbedPane.overviewWidgetTooltip=Click to close overview and select tab

Tooltip.contentsNotSaved=contents not saved

Tooltip.heapStatusPanel=Heap status. Click to run garbage collector

Tooltip.menuSearchButton=Select to view menu search panel

Tooltip.menuSearchField=Enter search string and press 'Enter' button to search

Tooltip.menuSearchTooltip=Click to locate menu






Xoetrope.decimalRGB=Decimal RGB

Xoetrope.webSafeColors=Use web safe colors





EditMenu.selectAll=Select all