Substance look and feel - known issues

This document describes known issues in Substance. Fixing these issues would involve copying very substantial amount of code from either Metal or Basic LAF delegates and would entail the following problems: These issues have been reported to bugparade and are yet to be officially confirmed. Each issue has the corresponding internal review ID. Note that a number of other existing Swing bugs have been either fixed or circumvented in Substance.

Scroller buttons in wrapped RTL tabbed panes (internal review number 673417 reported on 19.03.2006) Due to bug in core Swing delegates, the scroller buttons on wrapped tabbed panels in right-to-left applications are not visible:

Tab overview button in wrapped tabbed pane (internal review number 683888 reported on 12.04.2006) Due to bug in core Swing delegates, the tab overview button in wrapped tabbed panes will be shown on top of the scrolled tabs (the bug itself is in UI delegate not respecting the tab area insets setting):