Laf-Widget - support for common "feel" widgets in look-and-feel libraries

The goal of this project is to provide support for and base set of additional behaviour and widgets in look-and-feels.

Important announcements

Release for version 4.2 (code-named Knotweed) is available.

Look-and-feels that use this library

In addition, few other third-party LAFs have been successfully tested (see screenshots below).


This project contains a collection of "behavioural traits" or "widgets" for third-party Swing look-and-feels. The list of currently provided widgets: View the detailed documentation on how to enable the above widgets in a specific LAF. Once the steps described in that document have been completed (by either the LAF developer or by the LAF user), Swing application running under the "widgetized" LAF will feature the widgets described above. Here is a sample application under core Metal and Windows LAFs:

Here is the same application under Substance LAF (note the menu search panel in the menu bar, the tab overview button, the strength markers on password fields and the lock icons on disabled text field and editable model-only combobox):

The same application under JGoodies Looks Plastic XP, Liquid, Pagosoft, Squareness, InfoNode and Napkin features the same widgets for the menu bar, combobox, password fields and text fields. Note that the tab overview widget requires custom LAF support from the relevant LAFs.

Additional resources