Substance look and feel - fill painters


The base class for Substance fill painters is org.pushingpixels.substance.api.painter.fill.SubstanceFillPainter. Fill painters are used to paint the inner fill of most UI components, such as buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, progress bars, tabs, scroll bars and others. This allows providing a consistent and pluggable appearance to those components. In addition, it provides an external API for applications that wish to skin custom components in a visually consistent manner.

Painting API

The only painting method in org.pushingpixels.substance.api.painter.fill.SubstanceFillPainter is

   * Fills the contour that matches the specified parameters.
   @param g
   *            Graphics context.
   @param comp
   *            Component to paint.
   @param width
   *            Width of a UI component.
   @param height
   *            Height of a UI component.
   @param contour
   *            Contour of a UI component.
   @param isFocused
   *            Indication whether component owns the focus.
   @param fillScheme
   *            The fill color scheme.
   @param hasShine
   *            Indication whether the returned image should have a 3D shine
   *            spot in its top half.
  public void paintContourBackground(Graphics g, Component comp, int width,
      int height, Shape contour, boolean isFocused,
      SubstanceColorScheme fillScheme, boolean hasShine);

The contour parameter specifies the actual shape to fill and the fillScheme specifies the Substance color scheme to be used to compute the colors. The internal implementation of a specific fill painter may decide to ignore the ifFocused and hasShine if these are not relevant. In addition, specific implementation may maintain an internal cache of computed images if the computation is CPU-heavy.

Important thing to note - a fill painter should not paint the focus ring or the border; these are painted by separate painters. As noted above, the isFocused can be ignored by the specific painter implementation.

Applications that wish to provide a custom (branding) fill painter may utilize the existing StandardFillPainter base class. The subclass can override any one of the six base methods that compute fill colors at four fill and two shine vertical locations (see get*FillColor and get*ShineColor methods). Most core Substance fill painters extend this class. Note that if your fill painter does not paint the shine spot, return null from the get*ShineColor methods.

Management API

If you wish to use the fil painter of the current skin to provide additional custom painting in your application, call: