Substance - thanks and acknowledgements


The ColorChooserUI in Substance look and feel is taken from the excellent Quaqua look and feel (which is officialy supported for Mac OSX only). The license for Quaqua is either LGPL or BSD. Kudos to Werner Randelshofer for excellent work and for willing to share his color chooser with this project. The current version is Quaqua 3.7.3.

In addition, the last color chooser panel was written by Luan O'Carroll from Xoetrope's XUI project and is licensed under MPL.

Popup windows

The popup windows in Substance look and feel have automatic support for drop shadows taken from the JGoodies Looks look and feel. The license for Looks is BSD. Kudos to all JGoodies developers lead by Karsten Lentzsch for excellent work. The current version is Looks 2.1.1, while Substance uses the code from version 1.3.2.