Substance look and feel - highlight painters


The base class for Substance highlight painters is org.pushingpixels.substance.api.painter.highlight.SubstanceHighlightPainter. Highlight painter is used to paint the highlights of renderer-based UI components (such as trees, tables, lists), as well as highlights of menu items. It can also be used to paint visuals of third-party components (see skinning primer for more information). This allows providing a consistent and pluggable appearance to those components. In addition, it provides an external API for applications that wish to skin custom components in a visually consistent manner.

Painting API

The only painting method in org.pushingpixels.substance.api.painter.highlight.SubstanceHighlightPainter is

   * Paints the highlight.
   @param graphics
   *            Graphics context.
   @param comp
   *            Component.
   @param width
   *            Width.
   @param height
   *            Height.
   @param colorScheme
   *            The color scheme for painting the highlight.
  public void paintHighlight(Graphics2D graphics, Component comp, int width,
      int height, SubstanceColorScheme colorScheme);

The width and height parameters specify the rectangle to highlight (the highlight painters are only used on rectangular areas), while the colorScheme specifies the Substance color scheme to be used to compute the highlight colors. Specific implementations are encouraged to maintain an internal cache of computed images, at least for small sizes.

Management API

If you wish to use the highlight painter of the current skin to provide additional custom painting in your application, call: